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Name: Squid
Age: 27
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Character Information
Character Name: ZIM
Fandom: Invader ZIM

Character History: Zim is born. This was generally viewed as a bad decision and has caused a lot of grief and argument over the span of his life. He also kind of totally fucked up the hatching and birthing apparatus at this time because he's fucking stupid.

Zim is a scientist. He invents an infinite energy absorbing blob, and it eats the fuck out of their leader, Tallest Miyuki. He's not killed for this or banished, for whatever reason. Maybe because Irkens are dumb.

Zim is an Invader. No one really knows how this happened, but it was considered the second worst idea since Zim was born. Zim attempts to collect SNAX from a SNAX machine, but when the defective mechanism eats his monies, he proceeds to overreact in Zim fashion, and just set fire to everything with a giant fuck off robot. Why? Who cares, he got his SNAX. And he improved the fires.

Zim is banished to Foodcourtia to be a fry cook. He's pretty salty about this and is deeply mistreated by FRYLORD and all the customers that come to Foodcourtia. At one point he's made to dance inside a costume with hot grease in it. Zim plots his escape.

And then he totally escapes when he finds out the Tallest are holding a Great Assigning. Because he's an Invader goddamnit. He manages to escape Foodcourtia and forces his way to Conventia before everything shuts down.

In a desperate, last ditch effort to get Zim to kill himself, the Tallest 'assign' Zim to a mysterious, unknown planet in a mysterious, unknown galaxy. They don't even know if there's a planet there, everyone crosses their fingers and hopes he gets sucked into a black hole.

The Doom Song.

Zim lands on earth several months later, dons a shitty disguise, enrolls himself in Skool and manages to fool the unknowing and dimwitted populace into believing he is a gross human worm baby with a skin condition. One human, Dib, has at least three more braincells than that, sees through the bullshit and attempts to capture Zim.

And thus begins Zim's horrible life on earth filled with pain, burning, sadness, loss and fire.

Character Personality: He's dumb. He's so dumb, no really he's the dumbest thing ever with the exception of his own stupid SIR unit GIR. Zim is possibly the worst invader Irk has ever seen, or will ever see, considering he blew Irk the fuck up. Zim is loud, brash, over confident, rude, over reactive, hyperactive and meglomaniacal. If anything, at least he's... earnest. And eager. He desperately wants to be a good invader, and entirely believes that he is one and that he's proven himself many times over. He's completely blind to all the destruction and chaos he sows in his wake where ever he goes.

If you were the smallest person in a society where height determines how important you are, you have two choices. One, roll over and accept that you will never amount to anything in this society, or two, do your best to prove that you are worth something, no matter what. No matter who might say otherwise.

Zim took the third option: TALK IN ALL CAPS AND EVERYTHING WORTH DOING IS WORTH OVER DOING. He doesn't even acknowledge he's tiny. He doesn't seem to be aware that everyone is at least two to three feet taller than him where ever he goes. He doesn't notice or he doesn't even care. He is determined to win something for the Irken Empire, he has the skills! He has the brain! ... Well no okay he doesn't have the brain. He'd have skills if he knew what to do with them but they're usually hopelessly squandered on Zim's own crippling paranoia and inability to plan, like the war against Germs, and Operation GET DIB BACK FOR THROWING A MUFFIN AT ME HOW DARE HE. You know you have some strange priorities when you invent a massive virtual reality room just so you can fool your enemy into thinking they won their fight against you, have them live out their whole life in fame, beloved by all, just so you can ask them if they threw a pastry at your face.

Zim's M.O seems to be 'OVER DO EVERYTHING'. He rarely uses this to actually take over earth, but just uses it for petty shit like making a moon sized water balloon to drop on Dib and Dib personally. Then there was the time he turned himself into baloney and the less said about that the better. He usually figures that he's using just the right amount of force to make his point.

He's conceited as all hell, self centered and egotistical. This is not a facade. He's not wearing a mask, he's not playing games here. He literally thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread and no one can convince him otherwise. He just sort of blocks that shit out, like when Tak tried to tell him that the Tallest were lying to him. Nope, YOU'RE THE LIAR. He's absolutely certain that he's perfect, will often state that he's perfect, and while he's talking about how perfect he is, he will degrade and insult other species and planets, like earth and Vort. Fuck those guys, they're all stupid. Irk is where it's at. If it was still there. But we don't talk about that.

He's afraid of the stupidest shit too. Such as germs, because he saw a War of the Worlds-esque movie. He's afraid of bees. He's afraid of small dogs. He's afraid of THE MONKEY. Then again, these are on and off things, and sometimes he'll forget that he was unnerved or scared originally. He also doesn't seem to care much for ruling anyone, as proved when he was captured by alien worshiping cultists, wherein he panicked and escaped as quickly as possible. Zim is also DEATHLY afraid of being cut open and experimented on, but that's pretty much because of Dib. Zim hates being dirty as well, and obsesses over his physical state, mostly again, out of fear of germs.

Meanwhile, Zim is not scared of planet stealing assholes that can kill him, Dib who can kill him, FRYLORD who can kill him, Tak who can kill him, or any other large amount of things that are actually dangerous that can kill him but he usually just blows off because he's amazing and invincible duh.

The only people Zim respects are his Tallest, Red and Purple. Everyone else is pretty much garbage to him, even his own kind. Everyone is just an obstacle in his way to achieving greatness.

Powers and Abilities: The PAK: Zim's main 'power' lies in the multitude of tools hidden in his PAK, a device attached to all Irkens. He'd die of brain death without it, and the PAK monitors his health, life support, heat generation and pretty much everything else. It contains various tools, like spider legs for transport, a radio, repair tools and whatever the hell else he can stuff in there.

Stamina: Zim has this in spades. He's like a tiny duracell battery. He's proven he can run forever, struggle forever, scream forever and has twice as much energy as pretty much anyone else on earth.

Inventor: He's dumb as a box of hair, but Zim is more than competent with his tools. He did, after all, create an infinite energy absorbing blob all by himself. He also built a working time machine, a superior virtual reality machine, his own voot cruiser, and several DOOM weapons. It's been proven that if Zim didn't have the foresight of a gnat, Earth would be rubble.

Durable: Either Zim has a high pain tolerance, or he just plain old doesn't feel pain like humans do. He took quite the thumping when Earth was stolen to be used as fuel, he can take acid (water/BBQ sauce/soda) being dumped on him and just come back for more (after screaming a lot), he's been smashed, punched, run over, dipped in hot grease, had his skin peeled off, so on and so forth, and he's always back shortly after for round 300040567.

No Sleep: Unless he puts his PAK in sleep mode, Zim does not require sleep.

Ocular Implants: More than likely standard on Invaders. Zim's sight is infinitely better than a humans.



[Oh good it's this asshole again. Zim is glaring at the communicator, puffed up and attempting to look eight feet tall instead of the solid three he actually is]

It has come to my attention that this awful, hideous city doesn't have anything I can comfortably drink that isn't awful purified sterile water!


I can't drink something boring for the duration of my captivity here! I demand someone bend me up something better right now!

... I don't want sugar water, so don't even start, Zim is no bee!

Third Person: Bending, Zim had decided, was stupid. If he couldn't bend, then clearly it wasn't something necessary for him to know. It wasn't like he didn't try. In... his own way. For Zim it was a considerable amount of trying, an Olympian effort considering his attention span, but it finally wore out and he'd decided that he was just going to scavenge for parts and hand make everything he needed.

Starting with repairs to his PAK so he could at least get the spider legs and heating system to work again.... Which actually meant he had to make a plug in unit for himself so he wouldn't accidentally die in the middle of repairing his PAK.

Whiiich meant a lot of visits to the junk yard. So he more or less moved in there. Yes, it was filthy, but he'd cleared out a little spot for himself there, welded up a decent shelter, and settled in for the long haul. He'd work on getting a fancier place to live after he was sure he wasn't going to freeze his tiny little ass off in the winter.

And where was Zim currently? Well in the middle of the scrap yard, digging tirelessly through the crap in it looking for some gold. He had enough parts to make his perpetual motion energy modulator and the massive battery it would take here on earth to keep his vital functions and brain activity going while he worked on his PAK. The only trick was finding workable material to download his backup onto so he could work unimpeded.

"ALL OF THIS IS GARBAGE! AUGH!" He hurled a piston into a car hull. "I CAN'T BELIEVE THERE'S SO MUCH USELESS CRAP HERE!" In the dump. With all the garbage in this.

He didn't think this out.

"Maybe one of those stupid giant robots here has some RAM and hard drives big enough to handle my massive intelligence." But which one? ... Not the purple one. Or the female one. They both seemed kind of... Big.

"Maybe that dumb eyebrows robot. His head is big enough." Right. No one would miss that guy. He looked forgettable.




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